… the life of a bad blogger …

Oh dear god I am such a bad blogger. But who can blame me (please not you πŸ™‚ ).

Life here in the Yukon has been rolling past.. this year is going pretty quickly.

My students are still students, and they still drive me bananas from times to time … but I am also their hero, especially when I bring their iPods back to life.

Life here in RR has been going pretty well.. we’ve been under a deep freeze for the last couple of weeks and we seem (crossing finger) to be coming out of it (it’s -25 today instead of -52!). The fall was a rather chilly one with the threat of snow on Halloween … and an early freeze taking root in November … Christmas was spent here in RR hoping from house to house eating more goodies than any one should … and that brings us to now, January, where I promise (ok, not promise, as I know I will break it) to try to make at least one good post a week. Really, I will try.


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