About Me

Hi I’m Kennie, Kennie of the Yukon. I have been a resident of the land above the 60 line for four years now…. heading into year 5 and have enjoyed every minute of it … well.. 95% of the minutes.

In 2007 I packed my bags, stored all of my possessions and headed off to Arctic Bay, Nunavut, a small isolated Inuit community on the Northern tip of Baffin Island. In August 2009 I moved across Canada to the small rural community of Ross River, Yukon where I currently teach grade 5/6.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kennie! You have the most exquisite photos. I ‘m in Alaksa researching bushman stories, email if you like!

    • Hi Robert,

      Thanks! Not too sure where alongbthe line the photo taking gene comes from, but I’m glad I’m able to channel it … plus, digital cameras are nice too (take many photos until younger the right one 🙂 )

  2. Hi Kennie,
    I just noticed the reference to the HJBF in Fredericton. My wife and I lived there for 17 years before moving to Teslin, Yukon (3 yrs for me, 4 for my wife). Are you from Fredericton? My wife teaches in Teslin. I work for the the First Nationj.

    • Hi Gord,
      Born and raised in NB and have called Freddy home now for 15 years (lived there from 96-07, but my parents are still there, so it’s still home for me). Out of all of those years I’ve never gotten my ducks aligned to go to HJBF… Someday I will make it there. What is your wife teaching? I’m back to my regular assignment of grade 5/6 here in Ross River.

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