Feel the Inukness


10 thoughts on “Feel the Inukness

  1. Hi guys! I’m the one who made this video. I just googled it and had no idea it was being posted all over the place. haha. As for “who”.. the dancing guy and I are coworkers, friends and practise making videos together. We are both Inuk and we live in Iqaluit, Canada. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. Becky,

    LOVE the video is more like it! When I lived in Arctic Bay the jig was everything at community dances… And now that I live in the Yukon, it’s the same. I showed the video to my students this morning and they loved it too.. Although they did point out that Inuk jigging is different from Kaska jigging.

    Keep the videos coming!

  3. Cool. 🙂 I’d be interested to see what Kaska jigging is like, I’ll have to “youtube” it sometime. And that’s neat you lived in Arctic Bay. You would have known my uncle than i’m sure (Tommy Kilabuk). He was quite the character. Thanks for your kind words and for showing your students my little video. Big love and respect from Nunavut. 🙂

  4. Excellant video Becky. You should mention the dancers name. You call him Anguti Johnston in you video but the CBC calls him Thomas Johnson. Which is right ? 🙂

    • I know when I was teaching in Nunavut, many students would give me their “western” name rather than their given (Inuit) name. I always tried to use their given (Inuit) name as much as possible – it took a lot of practice to pronounce them correctly, but the students appreciated my efforts, even when I mispronounced their names. Some laughed at my efforts and just told me flat out “don’t bother, call me by my quallunat name”

  5. Wow that was one of the coolest dance videos ever. You should send some of those clips into the Ellen show because she is obsessed with dancing and would absolutely love that kind of stuff.

  6. Hi, I’m just seeing this now (came across it when trying to google something) hehe

    The reason why I call him Anguti is because we generally use Inuktitut names more often than “western” names.. and we use a lot of nicknames as normal practice, because using legal first names is often way too formal (almost none of my friends and family actually call me “Becky”).

    Also, I chose call him by one of this Inuktitut nicknames in the videos to make sure people know that he IS Inuk, hehe. He’s pretty fairskinned as you can see, but he speaks fluent Inuktitut and is Inuk by all standards, so I didn’t want there to be any confusion. Hope that answers your question. 🙂 – Becky Qilavvaq

  7. Awesome video. About twenty five years ago I lived in Hall Beach and later moved to Arctic Bay and was helped from the great Koonoo family. As I remember the jig was always played at the community dances. Brings back awesome memories. If I were single I would move back up there.

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